Saturday, October 21, 2017


RTP has revealed today there will be 43 countries taking part in Eurovision song contest 2018 in Lisbon. That means those three countries (Macedonia, Moldova and Russia) that haven't yet officially confirmed are in as expected. 
43 is however a troublesome number as it has been reached before but then dropped to 42 for various reasons, like EBU kicking Romania out in 2016. But twice before this record number has been reached: 2008 in Belgrade thanks to debuts of Azerbaijan and San Marino, and 2011 in Dusseldorf thanks to return of Italy.  In 2018 sadly Bosnia & Herzegovina and Turkey still stay out and no new record numner is reached.

Participating countries in Lisbon 2018:

Albania, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceand, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom

Friday, October 20, 2017



In the series of duting off some old CDs I had a real nostalgy trip today. I was introduced to the music of Fafá De Bélem, one of the biggest MPB (Musica popular brasilaira) stars through a friend while in Portugal in early 1990's. I fell in love instantly with her voice and melodic songs and Brazilian Portuguese. Relistening the album brings so back memories, and the music is still great providing several sing-along moments of tsong that I didn't remember existed. Human brain is a weird thing. 
Sadly I haven't followed her career further than this album and a greatest hits of her earlier music, but I see online she's still around and continued her career with success. Below is the whole album, with my favorites like Doces palavras, Amor de minha vida, Vou brigar com o mundo. Oh, paixão!

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Belarusian Ivan goes from Eurovision wolves to Aliens in his latest, Чужая. A midtempo rock song with enough drama to keep you watching the video til the end...... Errr.... what was that?
Russian Serebro from Eurovision 2007 in Helsinki are unstoppable and have released в космосе or In space, despite being in the middle of recruiting a new member. It's another pop tune in pure Serebro style. Love it.
Sunstroke Project that took Moldova to the surprise podium at Eurovision 2017 is back with another saxxy hit, Sun gets down. Maybe they should have released this a month or two earlier to score late summer hit..... In rainy dark Finland this feels like a slap in the face instead......
Ola Salo, who sung for Sweden with The Ark in Helsinki 2007 has went solo ages ago and has released a new single, I call your name. I wonder if he's really calling for the safety word as he seems to be performing in a sexclub where all sort of things are going on. Oops, did I see full frontal?! This said the song's a real earworm after a listen or two..... Beware!


RTP is not planning to spend too mcuh on hosting Eurovision song contest 2018, despite waiting for some 50 years to host it.  Instead Gonçalo Reis, the Chariman of RTP is boasting to have "the cheapest Eurovision ever!"

"I can say today that we are going to make the Eurovision Festival the cheapest ever and I am confident that our creative teams will develop one of the most interesting Eurovision ever, Our creative teams are developing the concept to convey the image of a contemporary Portugal, a Portugal open to the world, a culture of inclusion, a culture of tolerance, a positive culture. This will be a mobilizing project for all creative industries, for Lisbon and for Portugal, that will design the country and help it go with this flow of great notoriety, this positive wave that the country as a whole is having, in terms of international projection, Eurovision is a spectacle, it is an event that goes beyond RTP. RTP has all the conditions to produce a major television event to promote our creative industries, the entertainment industry, Now Eurovision is something that involves the city, tourism, the whole country," he concludes.

Hosting Eurovision has generally costed about 25-40 million euros in the resent years, unless you are a country like Azerbaijan or Russia having problems with modesty and will to show the world you have millions to spend for nothing. The result on screen hasn't been any better than those events arranged with even smaller budgets in Sweden, Finland and Norway over the years.
This blogger hopes RTP indeed manages to bring on screen and on stage all the wonderful things Portugal has to offer, with their rich culture and recognizable style and image, leaving us all well aware Eurovision 2018 was in Portugal and nowhere else. Altice Arena (as MEO Arena was rebranded just awhile ago) has all the makings of a great venue, with its surroundings. Bring the nearby sea, overseas, conquistadors and rich history on stage, too! Give us some lusitan passion with amor de agua fresca, calling for music and conquistadores! Of course not fogetting love for two!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Sometimes it's good to dust off the CD shelves and listen to something you haven't listened for years and walk down the memory lane. Music makes memories and becomes the soundtrack of your life.
Younger readers don't even know Paula Abdul seriously challenged Madonna and Janet Jackson as the dancing pop queen in the late 80's/early 90's. Over 20 million albums sold worldwide in a couple of years and a string of hits between 1988-1991 like Straight Up, Cold hearted, Opposites attract, Forever your girl, Knocked out, Rush rush and My love is for real featuring late Ofra Haza. I was a fan, and this funny Vibelology off her second album was a huge a favorite. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


San Marino is after you. If you are an inspiring artist dreaming of Eurovision (no, I don't mean you, Sasha Bobnigov but I suppose we will see you anyway...) and launches a global talent search and the winner gets a record deal and gets to represent San Marino at the Eurovision song contest 2018. It's a co-operation between SMRTV and UK based 1 in 360 Ltd, a production company.
The whole idea isn't maybe all that revolutionary as they advertised beforehand as Switzerland and also Germany have tried something similar in a smaller scale before.
So, in short: record a song (preferably a cover, but original songs are welcome, too), submit it (between October 21-November 30) and then after November 1, 2017 when the entries submitted will be out in the open in all you need to do is get enough likes and shares to get further or to be heard by the judges. Yes, either 100 likes or paying a fee of 4.99 euros or they won't bother (and who can blame them?). The judges will then select seven artists out of these submission but.....
There will be three wild cards to make it a perfect ten. This is where it becomes interesting..... Apparently they will be performing in various shows for the judges, and in the end they will be three, chosen internally. These three will then have a song written for them (hello Germany?) and eventually the winner is chosen..... Or something like that. It just feels as confusing as any Azeri marathon selection.... or Lithuanian tbh. Trying to remember how it went in Switzerland and in Germany..... Oh yes, didn't wildcards always win? 
Anyways, this kind of selection is good for San Marino because 1) They will have the attention of the Eurovision bubble for the rest of the year, 2) They will propably gather quite a sum to cover the costs of the participation as who wouldn't pay the 4.99 to make sure you are heard by the judges?
It will be interesting to see who enters. I mean the serious entries. They will be surely flooded by jokes and trolls and those who think they have some talent as always in case of the these open calls. Some people should just have some self critic and modesty, and therefor I doubt I can be bothered to pay much attention to this (or any similar selection) until the last stages, but all that matters in the end is the final ten. Hopefully they get worthy ones, and also Sammarinese ones.
"This is a project we believe in strongly. Music has no borders. Hopefully many Sammarinese artists will take part but it will be an international event, not only European but global. People fromeverywhere are welcome to take part", said Director General of SMRTV Carlo Romeo.

What if Valentina Monetta enters? Do they have the courage not to pass her into the top-10? ;-p

Monday, October 16, 2017


The all Danish boy of Cliche love song Basim sounds completely different in his latest Comme Ci Comme Ça ft. Gilli going full front to his Moroccan roots. It paid off, it's already #2 hit in Denmark 
Armenian Sirusho's latest Huh-hah is also filled with exotic sounds. The video also takes full advantage of the rich Armenian culture and looks like ... well, Eurovision promo video, doesn't it? It even clocks just over 3 minutes..... Nearly ten years have passed from her Eurovision adventure but she keeps going strong releasing hit singles and picking up awards on annual basis. Maybe a comeback to the contest would be an idea?
Another Armenian diva Iveta Mukuchyan has released Depi Nor Irakanutyun, aka Towards a new reality she wrote herself and it comes with a fancy futuristic video. Quite interesting and catchy, in the same way her Eurovision entry was but less dramatic.
Another Danish boy to close this video post, with a link to Africa as well. Tim Schou shot his video for Young Vince in Ghana. Very simple, yet catchy tune. Worth a check and ... think. 


Jamala looked very fashionable (and Cèline Dionesque) for Vogue
Naviband and autumn
Kristian Kostov and autumn
Dima Bilan and autumn
Marija Serifovic and autumn
Manel Navarro and autumn
Ilinca in different kind of autumn colors
Hovig, too
... and Tamara G
Claudia enjoyed the annual Dinner in the sky
Levina wondering her next note to record
Mr Lordi fixing his face in Moscow
Serhat met Douwe Bob
Iveta continues her trip in Mumbai
Jana got a baby girl! Congrats!
Svala's Sunday face

Sunday, October 15, 2017


San Marino will reveal its plans for the Eurovision song contest 2018 in Lisbon in a press conference next Tuesday at 4pm in Rome. Present are President of San Marino Rtv Davide Gasperoni, General Director Carlo Romeo and Head of Delegation Alessandro Capicchioni. 
Who is it? Why from Rome? Or will they participate at all? Tuesday afternoon we will know .-)

UPDATE: San Marino will be in Lisbon, with a revolutionary project never seen before in the contest's history, it is said. And prepaire for some talk about the state of tiny states situation in the contest that clearly favors the bigger ones. San Marino is the only one standing after Andorra, Monaco and Luxembourg have left the contest.... Maybe it's the sound of tiny Europe? Hmmm...


Italian Nina Zilli comes with a new sound and style in Domani arriverà and asks us to unplug that wi-fi, get up and out and enjoy the life as it used to be. When is the last time you got a real letter?
Freddie from Hungary sings there no tomorrow in his new Nincsen holnap. It's a pleasant radio friendly pop rock sing-a-long song underlined by the road trip-esque video mixed with live performance footage.
Similar sounds in Swiss Sebalter's latest Awakening, where sings about searching for an awakening like running naked in the rain.... now that'd be one awakening! This world would be better place if people were a bit less serious and a bit more natural :-) And he borrow's Nina's finger pointing action. And when thinking about it, also the message.
Ukrainian Eurovision winner Jamala is lost in her latest video Сумую - Lost. Another atmospheric electro jazzy number from her, having a nice relaxed retro feeling to it and fitting perfectly to this autumn time.


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