Friday, April 22, 2011

Jedward Vs. Blue - the naked truth

Not so long ago Blue took it all off for a Attitude photoshoot that surely didn't hurt their chances. Now Jedward follows with GT photoshoot and behind the scenes video you can see here. The fight is on. The Lipstick guys have also taken every possibility to badmouth the British veterans. But I think Blue are with a chance to win it all and wouldn't be suprised if Jedward would do the Irish turkey trick - their live vocal capacities are pretty much the same!
Lipstick vs. I can? Grown up muscle guys with voices  vs. skinny quite tunedeath teenage boys, who do you prefer?


Anonymous said...

the photos of blue look like dirty gay porn. the jedward shoot has class. and jedward beat blue easily!

Anonymous said...

I prefer Jedward.
Because Blue has tooooo much muscle and that I don`t like.
And yup! The other annonymous said it right: It`s really look like a gay porn (that from blue). xD Nya! I know that this cover from Jedward was for a gay magazine...
And I find it so cool that I`m not the only one who prefer JEDWARD. ^^
Nya! Nice day!!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't fancy any of them, but if I had to, I'd choose Blue, given that Jedward look female.


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