Thursday, January 02, 2014


Serebro, the girlband that was quickly put together to represant Russia in Eurovision 2007 in Helsinki with Song #1 has gone a long way. Over the seven years they have scored hits in regular basis, kept media interested with their fashion sense and sometimes lack of it (and cloathing). The 2013 ended for them the best possible way when Malo tebya was voted the Song of the year in the New Year's eve tv gala.... Earlier last year they also scored international hit Mama lover, that was released in Russia already back in 2011. Their other hits include Opium, Dyshi, Angel kiss, Skazhi ne molchi, Like Mary Warner, Ne vremya, Davay derzhat'sya za ruki, Sexy Ass, Gun, Malo tebya, Mi mi mi and УГАР....
The trio still includes two original members Elena Temnikova and Olga Seryabkina. Marina Lizorkina left the trio in 2009 and was replaced by Anastasia Korpova who left the band few months ago to start a solo career. The new memner is Darya Shashina.

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