Friday, January 02, 2015


Another year has passed and I can't but thank you all who followed me, read me, and in some cases looked at the post photos only. That's the case - I suspect - with the most read post, Serebro's naked photo must have something to do with it :-) Maybe that's the case also with the second most read one, as surprisingly it's the lyrics of Mikko Pohjola's UMK 2014 runner up Sängyn reunalla that came along with its tastefully bare video. And yes, also the third one might be helped by the photo, Twin Twin wearing nothing but their socks.... Finally at number 4 we have someone fully dressed up, Valentina Monetta's honest and bare confessions of her three Eurovision adventures as chatted in San Marino this summer at her house. At number five we have them again, Twin Twin. Naked again. I'm starting to worry about you readers.... or should I worry about my own editorial skills? Number six is quite a surprise, a Greek friend of Alkaios or Iakovos Gogua from the Euroboys series this summer. And the only one in top 10 with no dirext connection to Eurovision (yes, I do write about other stuff, too) At number seven finally Conchita Wurst and the review post by yours truly and Robert the flying reporter. She's also featured in the next post where previous winner Mr Lordi speaks kindly of Ms Wurst. They do have a lot in common, don't they? Making the top10 is also the running post of the selection process of the songs for ESC 2014, The story so far.... Similar compilation post is already running for 2015 so check it out. Last but not least a post about Softengine's quick rise from nobodies to shining rock stars this summer. That's what you have been most reading and/or watching last year. It's been such fun to make these things up. :-)
Marco Mengoni, Softengine and Valentina Monetta have several posts that almost made the top10 but were barely left outside....

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