Monday, April 03, 2017


Francesco Gabbani took the opportunity to meet the author of The Naked Ape Desmond Morris in his home in Oxford while he was in United Kingdom. From London's Eurovision Party to surreality of the meeting he wrote on his Facebook:

Today I had the incredible privilege of meeting Desmond Morris in his home in Oxford. Apart from the surreal circumstances, comparable perhaps to have coffee with Heraclitus, I had proof that the wisdom and greatness of a man are directly proportional to humility and simplicity with the ability to express very profound concepts! Thanks Desmond

And while Francesco charmed the pants off everyone in London his Occidentali's Karma has went triple platinum in Italy. And the video is nearing 82 million views. Soon it will become the most watched Eurovision related video beating Il Volo's Grande amore. Alexander Rybak's Fairytale is already beaten. In Spotify we are at over 9 million at the moment.....
Next for him is Eurovision in concert in Amsterdam, and then Moscow Eurovision Party later this month....

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